Kid Stars started as a “neat thing” for my son’s first birthday, a magazine cover celebrating our “Number 1 Draft Pick”. That turned into annual specialized birthday invitations, which turned into annual custom birthday posters. Once our first draft pick was old enough to play, he wanted to look and dress the way Dad did when he played. Which turned into wanting to look like the guys he watches on TV.

Since the inception of that first magazine cover (and trust me, that was well before faux magazine covers were in) I have been constantly asked to duplicate or create custom items for other parents. I learned quickly, that most other parents had the same love and admiration for their “draft picks”, as I did for mine, go figure.

The expression on a child’s face, a parent’s face, when they see themselves in an “Attitude” print, a life sized “Wall Star” or anyone of our custom pieces, is priceless. And I’ve come to learn, many times now, Mom and Dad love it even more. I get the vast majority of my requests from friends of friends. Friends who are happy to pass on where they got their prints.


My skills and portfolio have grown since then, shooting weddings and seniors, and I needed a less sporty name. Russell Scott Photography is my portrait and glamour division. Same great photographer, just a different image.

From the little model, the pianist, the swimmer, the band member, many sports teams, the horse rider, the graduating senior, the list goes on and on. Our original creations are one of kind, and last a lifetime. Whether its a Kid Stars or Russell Scott Photography print you want, you know you will get the best.

My background in design, graphic art and athletics, combine to allow me an insight to most activities unseen by most others. Let me show you how we can make your special someone, look and feel like a star!