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2 Olivia Suazo Lax Scoreboard portrait2 Olivia Suazo stadium2 Olivia Suazo varsity field5 Mackenzie Strozyk Lax Scoreboard portrait5 Mackenzie Strozyk stadium5 Mackenzie Strozyk varsity field11 Emily Coliano Lax Scoreboard portrait11 Emily Coliano stadium11 Emily Coliano varsity field14 Kate Fleck Lax Scoreboard portrait14 Kate Fleck stadium14 Kate Fleck varsity field15 Alexa Suazo Lax Scoreboard portrait15 Alexa Suazo stadium15 Alexa Suazo varsity field31 Ally De Bels Lax Scoreboard portrait31 Ally De Bels stadium31 Ally De Bels varsity field